Secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

SierraVDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Securely access applications and virtual desktops from any location. Host your virtual desktop infrastructure in your data center or in the cloud with isolated user sessions.

An Integrated Platform for Desktops and Applications
SierraVDI offers a complete solution for desktop and application virtualization that combines AppVM security and isolation with Firefall technology, ultra-high performance H.265 compression for fast display rendering, and broad client support, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android.

Not only does SierraVDI make it easier for mobile and remote users to access data, it also simplifies IT processes by enabling IT administrators to quickly provision, update, and decommission desktops in public cloud or in private cloud environments.

Reduce IT Administration and Application Costs
Desktop virtualization eliminates the need for IT administrators to install and upgrade applications on each individual client device, decreasing IT costs. Plus, by centralizing applications on data center servers, organizations often do not need to purchase application licenses for each client, they can purchase licenses based on concurrent user access. On top of these savings, SierraVDI is extremely easy to deploy and manage, further reducing IT management expenses.

Enable Mobile Users and Telecommuters to Easily Access Apps
With more and more users embracing "Bring Your Own Device" initiatives, IT can decouple corporate applications from hardware and enable traditional desktops and applications to be accessed from any device. Users can view and update files from any location without needing to set up complicated VPNs.

Support Legacy Applications on Any Device
Ensure business continuity by empowering users to access any Windows application from virtually any device. Thin client and clientless browser-based access from Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android client devices extends the life of legacy applications. SierraVDI optimizes the end user experience on all platforms with multimedia redirection and USB redirection.