Firefall Technology for SierraVDI

Protect SierraVDI Instances with Firefall AppVMs

Firefall combines an appVM and a secure operating system that, together, protect SierraVDI instances from attack.

Firefall: Hardware-Isolated AppVM and Security Controls

SierraVDI not only delivers high-performance virtualized desktop services, it also offers built-in security and isolation through Sierraware's innovative Firefall technology. Firefall combines an appVM, which isolates each VDI application instance, and a secure operating system that acts as a sandbox to protect the application from rootkits and malware.

The Firefall appVM provides an invisible shield around each application instance, preventing application users from installing malware on the underlying operating system or from accessing other application instances. By sandboxing each application instance with a hardware-isolated hypervisor, SierraVDI prevents targeted attacks and zero-day threats.

Protect VDI Sessions and Data with FireFall Technology
SierraVDI protects sensitive information in several ways. First, by offering fully isolated virtual desktops, organizations can reduce the risk of data loss by preventing one compromised or malicious client from tampering with other remote desktops.

Because Sierraware has pioneered breakthrough Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology for mobile devices, the VDI client can run in a secure environment--protected from the high-level operating system and any malware running on the mobile device.