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Infinite possibilities: Looking at all the things you can do with VMI

We at Sierraware are proud to introduce a full Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) solution for Android. And we think there are a lot of exciting things that you can do with VMI, including:

  • Securing mobile applications – VMI allows you to manage mobile applications in the cloud or in your data center. So you don’t need to worry about end users losing their mobile devices and exposing sensitive data to thieves. With SierraVMI, you can monitor and carefully control application access.
  • Extending mobile applications to all of your users – Some of your employees own Android-based devices. Others have purchased Apple, Microsoft, or Blackberry phones or tablets. In addition, there may be situations where your employees need to access your company’s mobile applications from their Windows desktops. SierraVMI makes it easy for all of your users to run corporate Android-based applications from any device.
  • Simplifying software upgrades and maintenance – Your employees have probably installed many different applications are their mobile devices, from email clients to web browsers to CRM applications to special applications that are unique to your company. Making sure that all users are running the latest version of these applications can be cumbersome. With SierraVMI, you can centrally upgrade your applications and avoid updating applications on each of your users’ devices.